From Josephine Baker’s Banana skirt to Tina Turner shaking a tailfeather to the emergence of Beyonce and Bootylicious. Rump has always been on the main menu.

Lady Godiva- Her naked booty ended taxation in her town. Now that's change!

So it’s no surprise that Erykah Badu recently used her rump roast to make a socially conscious statement.

If you’ve been under a rock here is the background  story on Badu BootyGate 2010:
Erykah Badu got naked in her recent music video “Window Seat” (scroll down to see video)  in one of Dallas’ busiest outdoor plazas and after it aired she was later charged with disorderly conduct for the nudity in the video (she filmed with no permit and then got naked).
Just recently she pleaded not guilty to the charge. Badu got naked in the video to emphasize being born again and stripping ones self of “Group Think” and mob mentality. At least that’s what I gathered from it. I dig.

At first I asked myself, “Why would she plead not guilty to the charge? Ummm we all saw her booty in the video?” And she damn near shut down Twitter with all the mentions of her Rumpasaurus” (shout out to @bomani_jones for that one).

Then it dawned on me that she pleaded not guilty because she was using the Donk to make a statement. To spark CHANGE! Her booty was similar to an Obama speech, trying to drum up support and open minds around the world.

I mostly just sit on my ass all day,  so that is pretty impressive.

Here are some other socially conscious Apple Bottoms that make me proud to be part of the Rumpasaurus Rex Clan.

  • Lady Godivaan 11th century Anglo-Saxon noblewoman who, according to legend, rode naked through the streets of Coventry, in England, in order to gain a remission of the oppressive taxation imposed by her husband on his tenants. BTW it worked, taxes were dropped.
  • Serena Williams-The Cover of ESPN The Magazine’s Body Issue=My Body Idol
  • Naked Chicks protesting KFC – The Double Down is wrong. And my momma worked at KFC as a teenager and the stories she tells make me say Down With the Colonel!
  • PETA– The Original Gangstas of the Naked Protest.
I never realized the political power of boobs and booty. A woman naked in front of the Capitol building would cause more stir than any bill being drawn up inside.
Here’s to the Power of the Booty! Keep it shaking ladies.

I’m sure there were some other socially responsible rumps I missed. Leave a comment. Let me know.