Like every other championship team  from a major sport, the Yankees went to meet the President  . But this time it was different. They were meeting Soul Brother No.1,  a very informed and die-hard sports fan. Don’t try to joke on Obama or his teams or you will feel his wrath. Just ask Yankees’ Assistant GM Jean Aftermant.

Obama may make you feel extremely comfortable around him. But remember, there are just certain things you don't say around the leader of the free world.

According to  

President Obama, who had just professed his love for the Chicago White Sox and made some jokes at the Yankees and other teams’ expense, went to pick up the World Series trophy for a picture with Joe Girardi. On the dais, Yankees’ Assistant GM Jean Aftermant sat with the rest of the Yankees.  

“Let him hold it,” Afterman said loudly. “He may not get another chance again.”  

The president retorted, “And you wonder why the other teams don’t root for you.”  

BOOM! The President hit you with the one-hitter quitter. Sit down mam.
The team executive later  regretted the remark and was extremely apologetic to the president. She feared that her comments would be misconstrued as “Republican” when she is really the ultimate supporter of Obama.  

She says she made the comment because:   

“One of his geniuses, one of his enormous talents is to make everyone feel comfortable and make you feel like you can engage what I like to think of as witty repartee with the leader of the free world.”  

She has a point. Obama is just the coolest. His ultra-smooth gait, confidence and sports knowledge makes him feel like your cool friend who just walked into the sports bar during the 3rd quarter. You can’t wait to joke with him and do a rundown of the game. But one must remember, Obama is NOT, I repeat, NOT YOUR HOMEBOY. He is the leader of the free world.  

People seem to get too comfortable around him and forget the office that he represents. From Yankees execs to idiotic Republicans who yell out crap during congressional meetings, the respect just isn’t there.  

So if you are ever lucky enough to meet Obama, first call me and hook me up,then remember this list of things NOT TO DO AROUND SOUL BROTHER NO.1 

1. Do not try to dap up the president.  

2. Do not ask him if he has heard Jeezy’s song “My President’s Black” and then proceed to play it for him on your cell phone  

3. Don’t ask him what wave grease he uses. Or ask Michelle where she gets her hair did.  

4. Don’t try to discuss the latest episode of the Boondocks with him.  

5. Do not ask him if those are 20’s on his ride.  

6.  And please, please don’t ask him the name of the incense he has burning in the Oval Office.  

He may be Soul Brother No.1, but he is the COUNTRY’S Main Man, respect the office. Respect The Man.  

Fist up.