Is Jesus an NBA Fan?

April 19, 2010

As I found myself at work, awake in the hours they call “wee” on Sunday morning I started to think “Does Jesus know that I’m going to be too tired to attend church because the Lakers went into overtime?” “I wonder if he watched the game?”.

I posted it on Twitter and lots of folks had an opinion about it. Because I work for the league and basketball is indeed my favorite sport I automatically assume Jesus HAS to be a basketball fan. Why wouldn’t he be?

A friend of mine (who is a football manic) said according to Jerry Jones God is a football fan. That’s why he built the hole in the Texas Stadium so that God could watch his favorite team on Sundays. Jerry Jones is a drunk with loose lips, so on to the next one.

Here are my reasons why Jesus is an NBA fan:

  • We have a player named after him Ray Allen  a.k.a Jesus Shuttlesworth
  • Dwight Howard wanted to put a cross on the NBA logo when being scouted by NBA teams. “to make sure that everybody hears the truth about God.”
  • David Robinson came crusading for Jesus in the NBA before Superman
  • Also Marc Gasol a.k.a Baby Jesus, the resemblance is scary.

    Marc Gasol is the spitting image of Jesus

  • We have another player who is named after his favorite book “King James”
  • Every night our players soar into the heavens try to get closer to The Man himself
  • We don’t abuse the whole Sunday game thing.
  • We embrace the Holy Trinity with “The Big Three”. Not just with the Celtics but we are always looking for Big 3 on a team
  • 40 games in 40 nights…. Jesus was a fan of making floods and things last that long.
  • J.R. Smith’s Black Jesus Tattoo
  • “The Basketball Jesus”- Larry Bird.. nuff said

So you  see, the NBA has to be Jesus’ favorite sport. I’m sure him a God love chillin’ and watching an ESPN Sunday game. I think he also understands when I have to work on Sunday or I’m exhausted from a double OT the night before.  Any more reasons you can think of why The Big Guy would love the NBA?  Who do you think he roots for? Let me hear it.


2 Responses to “Is Jesus an NBA Fan?”

  1. Alfred Epps Says:

    Jesus likes a balance. So he definitely likes his football on Sundays Nights that is why there is no more MNF lol. He definitely needs to see a dunk or two throughout the week to fulfill his week.

  2. Deandra D. Says:

    LMBO @ “40 games in 40 nights…. Jesus was a fan of making floods and things last that long.”

    really?! lol hilarious!

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