Bitter Basketball Broads

April 15, 2010

The new VH1 show “Basketball Wives” is a travashamockery. I set my DVR to watch this nonsense and woke up the next morning only to have my entire day ruined by this sitcom. Can I please have that hour of my life back?

I don’t know what I was more offended by, the self-important, wanna-be somebody women or the horrible production of the show. I don’t like my intelligence insulted by poor cuts and shotty soundtracks or blingy broads complaining about how hard life “used to be”

Used to be is the key word in all this because most of these women are not even with the basketball players anymore. Only one is happily married and the other is in the process of getting divorced. The rest of them are yesterday’s news printed on a tabloid at the bottom of my cat’s litter box. Straight up garbage. Basura.

They are teaching girls that if you want the bling, nice shoes, nice car and more go find you a golden penis, sit on it for a few years and it will turn into the good life. You can even start your own business with a lil startup money from the golden penis of course.

The wives want to show that there is more to their lives besides luxury hotels, clubbing, eating, drinking and shopping. Well how about you show yourselves doing more than oh… clubbing, eating, drinking and shopping. Just a suggestion.

Why didn’t they get LaLa Vasquez (Carmelo Anthony’s wife) or Eva Longoria (Tony Parker’s wife) on the show? You know why… because they are real self-made women with lives and careers before their men. And they also know their role. Fall back lil mommas.

The show is a bitch-fest run by the God Mother, Shaunie O’Neal. I’m sure the women have great personalities and drive but it is sure not shown on this show.

Basketball wives is a bitch fest ran by the God Mother, Shaunie O'Neal


According to AOL Black Voices, Shaq and his lawyer folk will shut down Basketball Wives if he gets bashed in the show. According to the couples divorce agreement, Shaunie is not supposed to take part in any book, movie or TV deals that mention Shaq. Basketball Wives violates this as she is getting TV revenge and in the first episode talking about his infidelities. In a letter written to VH1, Shaq’s lawyers instruct the network to stop airing the show after April 14th.

So if Shaq Daddy has his way I won’t have to put up with anymore of this nonsense on my TV screen or on the blogosphere.

Also, Dwight Howard nipped that in the behind before the show started. His babymomma Royce (seen here getting low, low low by the pool) cannot even mention his name or be referred to as his ex. She is just labeled as a former dancer on the show. DAYUM GINA! Superman II got it on lock. Shaq should take a lesson.

Yeah players may cheat and your marriage wasn’t ideal but please know your role ladies. Marriage woes, even when it’s over, should be something that is kept between you and the man. Do not air your dirty laundry in front of the whole world. A) It will be hard to get another man to trust you. I mean who wants to think they will end up on blast like Shaq. B) It just looks sloppy.

Carry on.

Just read a Tweet that said if Basketball Wives proves successful for VH1, Football Wives is on the way…stop the madness.


3 Responses to “Bitter Basketball Broads”

  1. Alfred Epps Says:

    Can hear your disappointment in this post. Y stop with football wives they might have baseball wives, hockey wives too. lol

  2. Mookie Says:

    Nice post Adena. It’s sad the extent some people will go to in order to gold dig. Keep some dignity, please – if you ever had any.

  3. Zuri Says:

    It’s all an extension of Desperate Housewives. Just cheaper because it’s a reality show. VH1 scored with the T.O. Show, at least for a little while, but they’re still trying to rekindle the “Flavor of Love” love they had received. It’s not going to get any better. Just worse.

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