Just another pretty face on the hardwood

April 9, 2010

She’s a good reporter for a girl.

Only reason she got the job is because she is pretty.

She’s just a groupie.

Do me a favor and stop with the nonsense. I report and work in sports and I have a vagina. Yes I said it, vah-gih-nah. This makes me no less capable at my job than the bearded brother with the external gonads. It also doesn’t mean I deserve any less respect. MMMkkkay? You should not pretend to hump me in the locker room, you shouldn’t massage my shoulders before the game (unless I ask you to) and you certainly shouldn’t question my gangsta.

Me doing my job. Chasing my dreams, in 3 inch heels. There's no other way.

It seems since I’ve gotten older I’ve started to learn that I’m a GIRL in Sports. When I was 19  at Sports Illustrated for Kids I just felt like another snot nose intern trying to get some quotes in the locker room. Dressing in whatever clothes my mom picked out for me. Now I’m 24 with a lil more curves and demeanor about professional myself and I’m  looked at as a conquest by some dudes in my field, an outsider and/or just another pretty face.  I’m reminded at least once a week that I’m a GIRL in SPORTS.

Example: I’ve been at NBA.com for 3 years and someone had the nerve to ask me if I REALLY know basketball. You think I been putting on my makeup at ’till 3 am every night while watching the games? Or maybe I’m checking out how delicious the boys look in their shorts. C’Mon Son.

Another sports girlfriend of mine was accused of being a groupie because she has such a passion for the game and it’s players. Yeah she’s a groupie…. a groupie with a tape recorder and a press pass. Public Relations departments give groupies press passes all the time!

Erin Andews is the perfect example of this. She worked hard to get to the sidleines of ESPN’s college football broadcast and because she’s a got a pretty face folks think they can smash her character. Now the girl has a stalker and is receiving death threats. Something a man in her field would never have to deal with. (I dont’ think her risky spread in a magazine helped though.)

But because we are GIRLS in Sports we know how to play the game. We know we can’t blow the whistle with every hug that a co-worker tries to give us. Or with every “you have great legs” comment that comes from a colleague. We know how to disarm you with a smile and the go in for the kill. We also know how to give you the “Now you know better and don’t let that ‘ish happen again.” look and be on our way.

Shout out to the men in my field who don’t just treat me like one of the boys or just like a lady. But just like me.

And shout out to the ladies that are doing it big in the game and making it look so damn good!

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5 Responses to “Just another pretty face on the hardwood”

  1. Deandra D. Says:

    Amen to that!
    And we do our jobs well 🙂

  2. Alexis Says:

    IM such a groupie lol!!!

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