Tiger Woods: The Masters Master

April 8, 2010

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My first blog post on NPR’s “Tell Me More Blog“. It’s my take on Tiger Wood’s commercial featuring his dead dad’s voice.

Support ya girl! Hopefully, there will be more to come.

Dear Tiger: Shut Up And Play Ball

Tiger Woods is better than you and always will be. Yes, he is human and fallible, but he’s still capable of annihilating the entire golf world with just a few strokes.

He also has another mean “stroke” where he can kick your butt and take your girl on just three hours of sleep and a Red Bull. Don’t act like you didn’t already know.

A series of raunchy text messages and a slick porn star can’t undo what this man has accomplished. That’s exactly what Nike and the marketing geniuses at Wieden+Kennedy, wanted you to feel from the 30-second minimalist — yet creepy — ad that debuted on the eve of the 2010 Masters Golf Tournament, Tiger’s comeback stage.

With each word that his father Earl Woods (whose voice eerily resembles Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.) spoke, I forgave Tiger for each of his infidelities.

At the 15-second mark I had forgotten about the Perkins restaurant waitresses, the 21-year-old neighbor and the porn star.

By the end of the commercial, I was ready to see him put on that Masters green jacket and pump his fist, so that I could share some tears on the phone with my daddy. It was just that moving.

Say what you want about Tiger, he is still “The Man,” and Nike proved that in 30 seconds.

Lips are zipped and so are Tiger’s pants. Let’s shut up and play ball.

The greens are freshly mowed in Augusta and it’s time to let Tiger do what he does best: Be the Masters’ master.

Guest blogger Adena Andrews is a sports and entertainment reporter based in Atlanta. Follow her on Twitter (www.twitter.com/aainthea)

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One Response to “Tiger Woods: The Masters Master”

  1. Deandra D. Says:

    Just found your blog…great stuff. I totally agree w/you re: your Tiger Woods article. Nike’s ad was pretty good though and I commend them for that artistic spin, though some may label it as dull or eery. I didn’t need the commercial to make me forget about it either…I never really cared. I’m glad Tiger got back to the game- that’s the best crisis management strategy he could implement. No need to talk about it, just perform!

    I’ll catch up on the rest of your posts 🙂

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