NBA Player X: Be careful with groupies

April 2, 2010

ESPN has an anonymous NBA player dishing dirt on groupies and more.

If you are a woman who claims to love sports and is a certified Basketballista, Jackie of all Sports, etc…and you are not an ESPN Insider do me a fav…. stay in ya lane. Or really just subscribe to ESPN the Magazine to get all the good juicy stuff like this post on groupies and NBA players!

The thing that struck me about this article is the candidness. The player telling the groupie story, Player X , is anonymous therefore  he can be completely open.

I was also amazed that he suggests cheating and having girls on the road is a learned behavior. Rookies see vets with a nice jump shot they mimic it. Rookies see vets with a nice dime piece on the road so they get them one too. Even though they have a wife or a really good girl back at home.

BUT.. the wife or good girl back at home may have been a groupie once and knows the game. So, the same way you met him honey,  is the same way you going to lose him…

Also while it’s all nice and fun to be the object of someone’s affection, groupies can also be scary, says Player X. These girls are following them to the supermarket. Walking around the block multiple times hoping to bump into them. All sorts of crazy things.

I’ve had girls approach me at the hardware store and act like they didn’t know who I was. I’ve been followed at the mall. There are groupies who hang around my neighborhood trying to bump into me on the street. They don’t care if I’m married or not.  –Player X

Nice boobs or not, crazy is never in ladies. Simmer down now.

If you are an Insider check out the article here… if you’re not…. refer to paragraph one.

That is all.

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