Kenyon Martin Don’t Do Popcorn

April 2, 2010

Don’t mess with a man’s ride, period. Especially with buttered popcorn and he has a white interior. You will, as Kenyon Martin put so eloquently, get “HANDS ON YOU!”. Translation: You will be badly injured.

Apparently J.R. Smith’s driver, who is also a former ball boy for the Nuggets thought it would be a great April Fool’s joke to fill Kenyon Martin’s Range Rover with buttered popcorn. Kenyon thought differently and went on a yelling RAMPAGE throughout the locker room. (read the full story here on )

He claims that he was more angry about someone having access to his personal things and that this is a total breach in security.

Really, Kenyon? Really, K-Mart?  C’MON SON!

You just mad cuz you got kernels in ya ‘ish… yeah that’s right. Yo ride smell like Regal Cinemas and more importantly your man pride is hurt.

Can’t J.R. just buy you a new car anyway?

If you see a souped up ride on Craigslist with popcorn on the dashboard, it might be K-Mart’s.

Also popcorn in the ride is nothing original, but it does hit NBA players where it hurts. Rookie Jason Thompson had his Escalade filled with popcorn in 2008 when he forgot to take care of his rookie duties. The vets who actually ate the popcorn out of the car are the best!

If someone filled my Jetta with popcorn…. mannnnn… I would just wash it down with the 18 half-filled bottles of water and Gatorade I got in the backseat.

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One Response to “Kenyon Martin Don’t Do Popcorn”

  1. alfred Says:

    I guess mark cuban was right hes a thug. Its april fools everybody get pranked.

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