Bras and ‘Bron!

March 25, 2010

My bra fitting lady, Heather, she showed me some nice push-ups and gave great sports convo. A sweet girl and a huge Cavs fan. Thanks, Heather.

 I took a short trip home to NY last week  and my momma thought it would be a nice girls outing to go get fitted for bras.

Now, I’m the kind of girl who buys her undies at Target (and damn proud of it) and the 5-for-25 bin at Victoria Secret. I also used to wear moist sports  bras to practice that had been in my dark locker for a day. So this ritzy, luxurious bra place, called Intimacy,was an experience!

A woman came into the fitting room and showed me how a bra should fit and how they can be pretty and make “my cup overflow”.  Then we got to talking about what I do for a living at

So there I am topless, in front of a mirror with this woman who has seen all my goodies as I tried on 15 lacy, frilly bras and we are talking about LeBron James.  Yes ‘Bron and Bras.

Apparently, she was  from Cleveland and lived through LeBron-mania during his high school years and loves to watch the Cleveland Cavaliers. As I tried on a sports bra, I recommended that she go see his movie More Than a Game. It would be a great refresher for her high school memories.

10 minutes later as I tried on the lacy $100 push-up bra with the crystal in the middle, we both aggreed, LeBron is not coming to New York. End of that story.

Eight bras later and some free agency talk my bra experience was over.

I walked out with two great fitting bras (One is called the Date Bra, ooohhh) and some great sports convo. What more can you ask for?

Sometimes life is so laughable. I love it. Keep it comin’.

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One Response to “Bras and ‘Bron!”

  1. Alexis Says:

    HA HA…much better than my bra experience in maidenform when the lady proceeded to tell me i had perfect D’s..I just felt awkward lol

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