March 11, 2010

Vajazzling: Making "down there" beautiful one crystal at a time.

Vajazzling! When I say this I feel like doing jazz hands!

For those of you not familiar with vajazzling, think of the late ’90s craze  that ruined everyone’s denim jackets (it was actually invented in the ’70s). Now take that trend and apply it to a woman’s ummm social butterfly. Get it? If you don’t, watch this video.

It’s actually not as bad as I thought it was when I first heard about it. It’s really just a lower stomach rhinestone tattoo. A really low stomach rhinestone tattoo. A shave/wax is definitely a prerequisite for vajazzling.

Vajazzling is cool and very pretty. It gives women the chance to worship a pretty neglected area that we only see getting in and out of the shower. But it is also just one more crazy thing to add to the list of painful, ridiculous rituals women perform on their bodies. I can also see girls running to get vajazzled because that’s how “you keep your man” says Cosmo magazine. Blah.

Yesterday, I got a kick out of sitting in a room full of women of a certain age (that’s what you call women over 50 when you don’t want to get smacked upside the head). They were simply blown away by vajzzling. Their commentary had me rolling!

“Girl you got to have a stomach flat enough for that. I won’t be able to see mine over my pooch”

“Now why would I pay someone to do that? I can do that myself. Go get me some of them beads out my sewing kit.”

Talking to me “You prime vajzzling age girl, you know that?”

“I guess you got to use them expensive Swarovski crystals so they don’t get stuck to the man.”

Personally I think booty-dazzling or booty-beading would be more popular because, ain’t that what they are looking at anyway? Hhhmmm maybe I’m on to something….

To be continued….

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3 Responses to “Vajazzling”

  1. Alfred Epps Says:

    So girls will start calling their stuff my Vajazza or my Vajazzi. Or say I am going to get my Vajazzled touched up lol.

  2. Dead at the women of a certain age quotes… lol..

  3. DEE Says:

    America putting jewels on their Vejayjay and the economy is crumbling. What a world, what a world……

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