March 3, 2010

If you are a sports journalists worth your salt, you’re probably tapped into the Twitter-nation and the title of this blog makes tons of sense to you. If you’re a sports journalist and you’re not on Twitter..#digahole and #buryyoself.

Nate Robinson has invented a new phrase "Wordappp!"

The 5-foot-9 wonder Nate Robinson @nate_robinson isn’t the best of spellers on Twitter but with the use of his lackadaisical grammar he has spawned a new catch phrase for the Twitter-nation. “wordapppp” is the phrase (meaning word up) but it is pronounced like the avergae Joe (or Nate) would say it in your neighborhood. But I guess that’s depending on where you live.

Wordapppp is a phrase for all occasions. It is mostly used to agree with a topic or person.


Person A: My rec league could give the New Jersey Nets a run right now.

Person B: Wordddappppp.

Or the phrase can be used to emphasize a topic.

Person A: My President got a mean shape-up . WOORRRDDAPPPP.

You can see that I’ve spelled the phrase a numerous amount of ways in this post and that is the beauty of the WORRDDDAPPPP. It shapes itself to just how you are feeling.

  • Really Excited about something? Add some more P’s to it. WORRDDAPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPP!!!
  • Feeling kind of timid and want to use your inside voice?  wordappp
  • Feeling a little exotic? Add an accentê. WÔRRRRDDDDÁPPPPPPP!
  • For my educated, lawyer folk. WOOORDDAPPP®

Make sure to follow your boy @nate_robinson on Twitter to find out more about the WORDDAPPPP movement.


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